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Chedid Property - Tips to tidy your kitchen bench and pantry

Decluttering your kitchen

Tips to tidy your kitchen bench and pantry

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and usually a very busy one. When in a rush our pantry and kitchen benches can get a little unorganised and cluttered. To help you declutter and organise with clarity we’ve put together a few useful tips.

1. Pack away unused appliances
Straight away you will be able to breathe a sigh of relief. Appliances take up valuable bench and cupboard space. If you don’t use them regularly put them away and get them out when needed.

2. Design your space
No matter what size your pantry is it’s always a good idea to organise it in a way that is practical and easy to navigate. We recommend organising everything by type e.g. baking, breakfast, grains, snacks, drinks, etc. Allocate shelves / sections of shelves for each type and then your ready to get sorting.

Organised Pantry 3 - Image Credit Brisbane Fresh

3. Use baskets or containers
Baskets and containers can create a pretty yet well organised pantry. You can use baskets for bigger items, such as snacks and boxed items, and clear containers for loose items, such as cereals, pasta and crackers. You can even invest in stackable containers to make greater use of your space.

4. Invest in a label maker or make your own
Labelling your baskets, containers and even your shelves if you wish will help you get things from the pantry easily and quickly. Your easiest option to get started is to buy a label maker or get creative and make your own that match your style! Here is an example of how to make custom labels.

Organised Pantry - Image Credit The Organised Housewife

5. Use a kitchen cart or island in a small space
If you don’t have much space to work with in your kitchen you may find a cart or island handy. They come on wheels and can work as extra bench space and moveable storage that stores your everyday essentials.

6. If you can, hide your microwave
They are a great convenience, but are a bit of an eyesore… If you can, use your pantry to hide the beloved microwave. This way it’s still convenient, but not in your line of sight. You may need an electricians help for this one.

7. Organise your recycling bins
Make the bin run easier by setting up separate bins for paper and plastic (preferably next to the kitchen bin). And voila! You now have your own recycling centre. For more information about recycling take a look at the Mosman Council website.


Image credits: The Organised Housewife and Brisbane Fresh