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The Tech Inside Bill Gates’ $127M Mansion

As I was researching about home automation and was 50 article’s in, I stumbled across Bill Gates’ 66,000 square feet mansion in Medina, Seattle also known as “Xanadu 2.0”.

Being a tech wiz, you can imagine his home wouldn’t be anything short of astounding. People with these kinds of resources can take it to the extreme which is what Bill Gates has done. This goes as far as supplying his visitors with an electronic pin to attach to their clothes which interacts with electronic sensors in each room of the house, even the pool has its own underwater music system. I could talk for hours about features of his property, like the sand he imports yearly from the Carrabiean, but for now let’s stick to the tech!

Gates bought the lot in 1988 for $2 million, and spent $63 million to create his dream house. ‘Xanadu 2.0’ took 7 years to build with 300 labourers, 100 of which were electricians. Not only did he spend a large amount of money on renovating, but for more privacy he decided to buy several surrounding houses for close to $14.4 million. As you can imagine, $63 million is a huge amount of money, however, in 2017 the ‘Kings County Department of Assessments’ valued the mansion at about $127.48 million.

As you move through the home

Going back to the advanced technologies of Gates’ home, this is where it gets interesting. If you are one of the lucky ones to visit this property, you will be provided an electronic pin which stores your preferences, such as your ideal temperature, lighting levels, favourite music and more. Gates said “The electronic pin you wear will tell the house who and where you are, and the house will use this information to try to meet and even anticipate your needs — all as unobtrusively as possible.” As you move through the rooms, lights come on ahead of you and fade behind you. The speakers behind the wallpaper will allow the music to follow you from room to room and when two different chips enter the room at the same time, the system accommodates to something both people will like (can you imagine how many arguments that would prevent with the kids!)

Even if you need a bathroom break and you’re in the middle of one of your favourite movies, no need to worry you can watch it all the way there and even when you’re in the bathroom, the hidden speakers throughout ensure the sound quality the whole time. Talk about convenience!

Personalised digital paintings

Instead of a traditional artwork, his house is decorated with an extensive range of high tech screens, which are so pixelated they look like actual paintings. The images are all stored in the system so you can change them to whatever you like at the time. Imagine how great it would be if you had to decorate for an event and you could create the room to your liking.

Weight sensor security

With someone of Gates’ stature, security is paramount, and he has high tech security systems in place throughout the entire property. One feature in particular is very unique, though. The floors throughout the house have sensors in them and as I mentioned earlier, everyone must put a pin on once they enter the home. If someone enters the house without one, security will be alerted straight away.

At the time of creating his home in the 90’s he stated in his book that “A decade from now, access to the millions of images and all the other entertainment opportunities I’ve described will be available in many homes and will certainly be more impressive than those I’ll have when I move into my house in late 1996. My house will just be getting some of the services a little sooner.” As the technology to the average person is becoming more cost effective we are all trying to catch up. But, it has been years since Gates has indicated the current state of his abode so you can imagine how advanced his home is now.


Image credit: Business Insider