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The Home of the Future

What is a smart home?

You’ve probably heard the term “smart home” being thrown around a lot lately.

In short, a smart home listens to what you tell it to do and learns your habits and controls your home environment accordingly. It is operated by voice commands or by using your smartphone. It can be as easy as “Hey Siri.. dim the kitchen lights by 30%.”

The best part is you don’t need to build a brand new house to benefit from the technology. You just need to replace some of your existing fixtures and fittings, with ones that are “smart home compatible”.

Here are some of the benefits of home automation.


Imagine walking around the house and having the music follow you? Well, that is now a reality, with integrated hard drives allowing homeowners to listen to audio in any room. Smart home technology can maintain a constant temperature in your house 24 hours a day. For instance, if you have set the temperature at 15 degrees, once this temperature is reached the system shuts off, and the second it drops below or goes above it turns itself back on again. Stop calculating your electricity savings, we will cover that in the next point! Your dishwasher will text you once a cycle is complete, and if someone rings your doorbell, a video will pop up on your smartphone allowing you to see and talk to them and open the door from your device, no matter where in the world you are. Smart homes even have the capability to know when you are 5 minutes away from home and can set up the entire house the way you like. Lights, temperature, blinds and even the music you like can all be ready for when you arrive. If you think this all seems crazy, wait until your fridge orders milk online automatically because it has memorised your milk-drinking habits.


You may be thinking “this all sounds very expensive”. However, smart thermostats and smart light bulbs save energy which cut utility costs over time. Before you know it your savings would have paid for the initial costs and you will be in the bonuses! Additionally, the more smart features you add to the home, the more you are increasing its resale value, and as you know, in your primary place of residence all the profit is tax-free!


Smart homes don’t just alleviate potential risks such as house fires, however, they also allow us to keep our loved ones safe. Security systems can be installed which will alert you of any suspicious activity going on around the house. You can also lock your door using your smartphone even if you’re not at home. So for those of you that are wondering if your kids are getting up to anything cheeky, this will help you monitor it and give you peace of mind. It also alerts you if any of your family members leave the house, and you can keep track of where they go after they leave. Stalker mode!

Automating your house doesn’t just make your life easier while you’re there but it is also a worthwhile investment in adding value to your home. The world is changing faster than a lot of us can keep up, and we will soon be living in a time where a traditional door lock is a thing of the past. So get researching, talk to the experts and give your home a brain!