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East Coast Lounge Chowder Bay - Grazing Table

Grazing table grandeur

Grazing tables: How to achieve grandeur

Some of our favourite memories at home have been sitting around nibbling on a wondrous variety of delicious food and wine in the great company of family and friends.

Mastering the presentation of a grazing table is not always as easy as it seems. To help you with your long weekend entertaining we spoke to Christine from East Coast Lounge Chowder Bay, who has shared her tips on how to achieve grazing table grandeur.

  • The key to a mouthwatering, eye catching grazing station is the quality of the ingredients and the look of abundance!
  • Fresh is best! Use seasonal ingredients such as freshly sliced charcuterie meats and cheeses, seasonal fruits such as figs, pineapples, passionfruit, grapes, berries, watermelon and pawpaw, nuts and dried fruits, paté and freshly made dips, platters of seafood, salads and cold roasted meats. Of course, anything goes really, as long as it can be easily picked up and eaten in small bites.
East Coast Lounge Chowder Bay - Grazing Table
  • Add a variety of crackers, breads and baguettes such as lavosh, shepherds bread, sourdough and rye loaves. Arrange crackers and sliced loaves but also leave some whole, arranged beautifully in a basket so guests can slice as needed.
  • Mix all the food items up so each platter has multiple items to choose from.
  • Create a large floral centrepiece and work outwards from there, creating layers to evoke the image of a feast.
  • Use different levels to create interest such as tall three-tiered stands, cake stands and large platters with bowls of all shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Use vessels made from different materials to create a textural look such as wooden boards and stands, ceramic platters and woven rattan baskets for bread and crackers.
  • Use draped bunches of grapes, scattered nuts and dried fruits, green branches and small vases of herbs such as rosemary to fill in the spaces between the platters and stands to create the look of an abundance.
  • Your guests will be amazed at your creativity and fabulous feast!

Happy Entertaining and thanks again East Coast Lounge! If all goes sour… we’ll head your way.


Image credit: East Coast Lounge Chowder Bay