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Chedid Property - Your home in real estate in Mosman
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We believe that dream results can only be achieved when you stop selling a house and start selling a home

Property to us is less of a profession and more an obsession, and we believe it’s this passion for real estate that is shared by all Australians. Australia is after all, the greatest place in the world to live. We have each fallen in love with and chosen to live in a part of this beautiful country. For my family it was Mosman.

I know how exciting buying and selling real estate can be, and our goal is to ensure that the entire process runs to perfection, so that our clients get the best possible result the market has to offer.

This is why I created Chedid Property, to meet the demand for a professional, personal, high performing property agency among homeowners and investors across Australia.

The journey from one home to another is exciting; our mission is to ensure it is also smooth and effective, so all you have to do is enjoy the ride.


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Charlie Chedid | Managing Director

Meet the team

Chedid Property Team - Charlie Chedid

Charlie Chedid

Managing Director
+61 426 530 958

Alan Niknafs

Portfolio Manager
+61 408 221 562

Shayne McHenry

Sales Consultant
+61 481 148 003

Karen McLaren

Director of Marketing
+61 402 317 410
Chedid Property - Real Estate Agency Mosman - We're always available

We bring your home to life

We tell the story of your home through a personalised and eye-catching marketing campaign. We bring your home to life with photos that capture your favourite features, videos that breathe life into them and open house experiences that create a buyers first memory.

Chedid Property - Real Estate Agency Mosman - We bring your home to life

We're always available

We believe that all great relationships are based on clear and constant communication. This takes the stress out of a property transaction. We want you to know you can get in touch with us whenever you need to... that we’re always available. And we want potential buyers to know that we’re the experts on your home and can answer any questions they may have, any time.

Chedid Property - Real Estate Agency Mosman - Details at your fingertips

Details at your fingertips

We make sure we provide potential buyers with all the information they need about your home in that moment when their interest is first triggered. From that instant, we ensure they have immediate access to photos and videos, the contract, building and pest inspection reports, site plans and floor plans... and we make sure they can book inspections or even make an offer at the touch of a button. We consider it vital that from the first time we speak to them, they already have all the information they need to make a purchase decision.

Chedid Property - Real Estate Agency Mosman - Dream Results

Dream results

We believe that dream results can only be achieved when you stop selling a house and start selling a home. That's why our goal is to get to know your home as well as you do, so that when we show prospective buyers your place we give them every reason to fall in love with it.

Giving back

Helping others is very important to us. Each year we select a foundation to support by donating $1,000 from every sale, helping to share their message and hosting events that will make an impact in the community. Currently we are supporting KYUP! Project, powered by the amazing Mel Thomas, that is about raising awareness of violence against women and children and empowering them to recognise a bad situation.

Meet with us at a time that suits you to learn about how we’ll achieve dream results.